Onko is the leading private cancer treatment institution of Turkey. More than 40,000 patients have received medical treatment in our centres since 1990. These centres are located in Ankara, Istanbul, Adana and Mersin. Conformal radiotherapy and other advanced therapy techniques like IMRT and IGRT, are readily available in these facilities. Many patients from Europe and Middle East as well as from all over Turkey prefer Onko for oncological treatment.


For all inquiries about radiation oncology please contact:

Dr. Emin Kamgozen ( kamgozen@onko.com.tr ) or Dr. Cemil Kusoglu ( kusoglu@onko.com.tr )

Phones: 90 312 4461244 ext: 132 or 133

Fax: 90 312 4464806

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For a presentation of our medical facilities and treatment techniques, you may see the video below with English subtitles: